The fees our barristers charge are fixed and clear, and more importantly they are usually less than you would pay to a solicitor, and much less than you would pay to use a solicitor who might also instruct a barrister.

Depending on the level of barrister you instruct, will determine the level of fees you pay. Factors to bear in mind would be their level of experience, the length of time that may be required in dealing with each piece of work and complexities of the case. A fixed fee will be agreed for every piece of work you require the barrister to undertake. This fee must be paid in advance. Usually by BACS transfer, cheque, or credit/debit card (funds to be cleared before commencement of work).

If the fee relates to a hearing, the barrister will normally be entitled to the fee even if the hearing does not go ahead. If this is the situation, the barrister will inform you.

All the barristers that Go Direct Barristers refers to are required to keep and maintain full records of the fees that they are charging. You are entitled to details to justify the fee that you are being charged.

Once your matter has been agreed that it is suitable for Direct Access, the barrister will send out terms on which they intend to carry out work. Those terms will be set out in a client care letter which will be sent to you.

Legal Aid/Public Funding

There is no legal aid or public funding available for direct access work for barrister. If you think you may be eligible, please contact a solicitor. Barristers cannot carry out the means assessment required to establish whether you are eligible for public funding or apply to the Legal Aid Agency on your behalf.

There are no hidden costs and there is no charge for the service that Go Direct Barristers provides.


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